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Bridesmaid Profiles

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About you: 24 years old, 👩🏽‍🔬, enjoy travelling ✈ and drinking chaii .
How did you meet Rupy: I’m Rupy’s younger sister, yay.
Memorable moment: Once when we were little, we were playing and then we must have gotten into a fight between ourselves and she ended up punching me and my tooth fell out. Cheers fam👍🏽🙊


About you: Aquarian. 24 years old. Foodie. Desire to travel and explore ✈🌍🎒
How did you meet Rupy:
I was born and she was there as a loving older sister 💙
Memorable moment: When Rupy, Ravina, Parry and I would get together in our old house and grab a
broomstick or mop stick each and go in the garden and perform for all our fans 💕, singing straight into those broomstick microphones made just for us 🙊.


About you: I'm the yoga adventure hippy girl of our friendship group 🙂 I'm from Solihull and I live in London, working in digital design.
How did you meet Rupy: We went to the same sixth form college
Memorable moment:Having fun in the waterpark in Bali, and Rupy's hilarious diva pose underwater


About you: 25, 5ft 10. dopey as hell, taller than your average. Confident. Funny. Open. Loving. Loud. Margherita Pizza is life. Burgundy is my favourite colour. Great dancer. Party leader. Bags of humour. Aspiring actress. Poet. Writer. Can’t cook to save my life sorry.
How did you meet Rupy: I’m rupy's cousin sister (next in line to the throne - aka marriage).
Memorable moment: way to many fond memories to name. I remember Rupy writing ‘kick me’ on a piece of paper and sticking it to my back so everyone in the shop would kick me. But it was only her doing it 🤔 when Rupy came to sleepovers at ours with Parry she would eat all the doughnuts.


About you: I’m 18 and in university, I’m the funny one in the family 😂 but not only that, I am the favourite one too 😇. I study Graphic Design in London, my plan is to get to branding after I’m done with uni. I ain’t going to lie but I didn’t come into this world alone lol sadly I’ve got a twin brother 🙄but yeah there isn’t a lot to say.
How did you meet Rupy: We are cousins.
Memorable moment: It was so hard thinking of a memory! but I do remember the sleepovers we always had, not only with me but with my sisters and parry 😃 we would always put a movie on. this one time we picked to watch Harry Potter but I wasn’t really into Harry Potter lol still ain’t, I just remember falling asleep (nothing new there) and then getting woken up to go to bed 😩😂😂


About you: 20-something year old from Solihull. Currently working in London. Studied psychology - and if you’re speaking to me at the wedding, no I’m not reading your mind, analysing you or trying to hypnotise you! (Three very common questions since uni days!) Generally, my favourite times are being with Rupy and the girls when we’re laughing uncontrollably, our stomachs hurt and eyes water! Half the time we’re laughing about something Rupy has said or done e.g. spelling her own name wrong when signing a card for me... and Rupy panicking that she's lost me and running off to look for me even though I was standing right beside her haha ❤ ...(and many more funny examples)! Rupy is genuinely one of the most generous and thoughtful people I know and not to forget hilariously dopey sometimes too! 😊
How did you meet Rupy: At Sixth Form College and one of Rupy’s best friends for over 11 years...
Memorable moment: A memory that stands out is exploring New York together for the first time when we were 21! That’s when Rupy and I became much closer. Obviously there are countless memories during that time (and many more for Rupy during her 2nd visit 😊💍) but one time, at the most random hour in the middle of the night, Rupy whipped up sandwiches, in no time at all, just because Taran and I moaned that we were hungry! We always knew Rupy would be a great wife and Mom but that definitely confirmed it!


About you: I’m the free spirit and self proclaimed extrovert! 🙂 oh and also the one who recently got married! It’s actually great, I recommend it! 😉. I’m a mental health worker, I love what I do but can be doom and gloom at times. So in my time off  you'll find me rejuvenating, by spending time with loved ones, having a dance or planning my next adventure!
How did you meet Rupy:  I am basically her other half (sorry Lucky :p) I’ve known her since we were young'uns but our friendship officially began at the start of secondary school.  We went to a crappy school but got each other through! And here we are today 😊
Memorable moment: So this is very difficult considering 15 years of friendship so I'll have to share a few!  The letters we wrote to each other throughout school ❤ The "code names" we used to use for people we didn't like (and did like 😉) ❤ Rupy's "bad girl" days (she was actually the biggest goodie two shoes I knew) ❤ writing ridiculous things on each other's school notebooks such as "100% best friends forever xxxxxx" and  "kaurZZ and PreetZZ 2K2" 😝 ❤  making up stories at school about how we went to a party to the "goreh"/white folk the night before so they'd think we were really cool (not allowed out of the house really) 😝 ❤
My proudest moment (yes this is my own addition to this :p): The day Rupy decided she was going to take control of her life, made some tough decisions, made a drastic career change and began on her journey of becoming a successful, independent and stronger lady! And she has never looked back since 😊 I meet people everyday who don't have friendships, let alone special friendships, very blessed to have such a genuine, humble, forever-giving bestie in my life! Here's to a future of many many more special times ❤


About you: Hi everyone. I’m Shaheen or Shai as Rupy calls me. A lot has changed since we left uni, I now have a son who is 7 years old who is my world. I enjoy cooking, travelling and I love rollercoasters. It has been so amazing watching her blossom into this beautiful woman who is always ready for a new challenge. After all these years it is an honour to be by her side on this special day.
How did you meet Rupy: Mine and Rupy's friendship started at Coventry university where we both studied
Memorable moment: When I first met Rupy she was wrapped up in a shell, i mean she didn't even know how to work a bank card and now she has 2 or 3!!!!


About you: Hi, I'm Felicia also known as Fils or Fil. A lot has changed since our time in Uni. I live two lives 1). Change planner in Heathrow and 2). A Holistic Therapist.It is so lovely to Rupy grow over the years from not knowing an ATM and now having many cards. To wanting to travel and now seeing her travel places.I remember the day when we first travelled together and it was to China. from then so much changed. It's a blessing to see Rupy change from being tom boyish to the beautiful woman she has become. And I am blessed to  know her.
How did you meet Rupy: I met Rupy at uni. It's kinda funny, when we were at uni, Rupy found me somewhat 'scary' and now she's asked me to be a hen at her wedding.
Memorable moment: I used to live on campus, so in between lessons and after, we would all go to mine and I would make a lasagna and we would order fat chips from around the fish shop.


About you: Hi I'm the 'Canadian friend'! I'm a fashion designer, love my job and love travelling!
How did you meet Rupy: I met Rupy in college 11 years ago! And so happy she's been in my life ever since.
Memorable moment: I have so many amazing memories with Rupy! Travelling across Bali, our adventures in New York and crazy fun in Hawaii!

Best Men Profiles

Our dashing gents


About you: I’m single, I play Basketball and enjoy trying out new restaurants
How did you meet Lucky: Met him in Amsterdam.
How long have you known Lucky: 4 years
Memorable moment: Pokemon hunting on Dudley Road


My hobbies: Buying & collecting Jordan trainers. Love my old school cars. Love daydreaming about having another Bmw E30
How did you meet Lucky: Met danger at Tramps first time when I was drunk & shouting abuse to people :/
How long have you known Lucky: Known danger for probs around 5 years  
Funny memory: Censored LOL


About you: I’m Ashley Clayton or Clayt for short. I’m a motorcycle engineer and have a passion for running marathons and cross country, I have recently popped the question myself and have a beautiful fiancée Harriet.
How did you meet Lucky: I first met Lucky at Wednesfield high school where we sat next to each other in most of our classes, apart from media studies as we were kept apart for being too noisy.
Funny memory: There have been a few memorable moments so far, Lucky’s girly screams on roller coasters, trying to speak Spanish in Barcelona but the best was seeing Lucky, who even at age 13-14 was no small kid, Running full pelt into a plywood wall then onto his back playing laser quest at the Trafford centre, I swear the whole place shook.


Hobbies & Interests: Spending time with family, friends. Enjoy cinema and travelling.
How long have you known Lucky: Known Lucky for about 7 years.
How did you meet Lucky: Met whilst we were working at Asda on Sunday shifts.
Memorable moment: Would be a day trip around London where Lucky wore a TShirt, with an arrow and message saying "he's gay" - great photos.


About you: Married and I enjoy watching films
How did you meet Lucky: At school
How long have you known Lucky: 18 years
Memorable moment: Fatty walking into a glass door


About you: Married (unfortunately). I love eating and trying different foods. Very argumentative (and always right).
How did you meet Lucky: Met lucky through a mutual friend (Will) .. I dropped Lucky home and we sat in his driveway chatting for hours
How long have you known Lucky: Known each other for about 5 years
Funny memory:  On the way back from Liverpool he kept falling asleep and I kept scaring him and waking him up (videos are available upon request 😂)


About you: I enjoy rugby, traveling and spending time with family. I live with my Partner.
How did you meet Lucky: I met lucky while we were working in ASDA and been friends for 8 years
Funny memory: Haha. How could I forget... when we missed the flight to Amsterdam for Laddu’s stag and drove from wolves to Manchester, missed the flight and had to drive over night to Luton for a 6am flight, only to be sitting next to everyone else on the stag. We spent nearly 10 hours driving up and down the M6 lol.


About you: Married and have a 3 year old son. Also own a ice cream van.
How did you meet Lucky: Met him at university.
How long have you known Lucky: about 10 years.
Memorable moment: He used to come and see me every Sunday for an ice cream at the park.